What to Tweet On TwitterDo you ever find yourself staring at your Twitter profile thinking, “what actually is happening?” That little innocuous looking text box can seem fairly daunting at times, and many businesses find that the result of this is either stagnation, with little or no content being published, or content which is so dull even ditchwater stops following you. Here are a few tips on how to tweet when you’re tweeter is stuck.

1. Forget Twitter’s prompt. The original Twitter prompt was “What are you doing?”, and this was changed in November 2009 to “What’s happening?” which provided a more open minded question, but even this isn’t always terribly helpful. So ignore this prompt, and instead ask yourself questions such as “What’s on my mind?” or “What’s got my attention?”

2. Don’t take on the complete responsibility for updating Twitter yourself. Of course, if you’re a sole trader then you won’t have much choice, but if you can manage to have a few people all updating the business’s Twitter page then this will help encourage more variety, and make the process much more manageable.

3. Don’t see Twitter as a way of providing answers or information. To do this can result in a very blinkered and largely unsuccessful approach. Instead see it as a way of getting answers. The only way of ever getting an answer is of course to ask a question, so do this. It might be asking for advice, asking people for recommendations, opinions or thoughts. Twitter is a social media platform, so be sociable, and ask people questions.

4. Look through your homepage and see what other people are saying. If something catches your attention then re-tweet it, reply to it, comment on it or take the next step in the virtual conversation. Inspiration doesn’t just have to come from within your business.

5. Use images. Sometimes the best way of sharing something is through images, so upload the odd picture, either of your business, the products, the people, a recent installation or construction, or anything else you find interesting, quirky or funny. Use a service such as TwitPic to upload the image and link to it in a tweet.

There are plenty of other ways of getting inspiration, but these are some of our favourites. Do you have a tweeting tip we’ve missed? Let us know by telling other readers about it in the comments box below.


Image Credit: http://ritz-passion.blogspot.com