Do you use Twitter, or do you see Tweeting as a waste of your time? Do you wish you could get more out of Twitter, or do you think that saving your time for other, more effective means of marketing is a more sensible approach?

For many people Twitter is a daily activity that takes up a few seconds, a few minutes, or even an hour or more, and which may help to promote the business.

The trouble is that in many cases people add tweets each day without much idea why they’re doing it. They’ve heard that Twitter is great as part of a social media campaign, and they’ve heard that tweeting regularly helps build up a regular group of followers that may help market your business, but in truth, if you ask people why they use Twitter you often get very vague, woolly answers.

Despite Twitter being such a fantastic wealth of marketing opportunities, a great many people don’t really know why they use it. Some people will cite the fact that Twitter gives them the chance to pick up on news stories and announcements from important industries and experts within their fields, and certainly this is one of the many benefits of Twitter.

But it is only one of the benefits, and really this form of using Twitter is all about people getting their messages to you. What about you getting your message to other people? How do you make Twitter work for you and your business, rather than simply acting like a form of RSS news feeder?

Many of the reasons why people’s Twitter presence fails to impress, fails to attract interest and fails to generate traffic and enquiries are to do with the way the Twitter profile is created and published. Many people have no bio for example.

A Twitterer’s bio is one of the critical parts of the account, and remarkably many people fail to include this. How are people going to know what you’re about, who you are and what you’re aiming to provide through your tweets if you don’t include a biography of any sort?

Include your web address, information about you and a reason why people would want to follow you, and perhaps visit your website to find out more.

What about your Twitter background? You’ll notice that all of the successful Twitterers have customised backgrounds which include more marketing information, website addresses, blog addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information vital to creating a profile that’s likely to generate interest and enquiries.

Creating a background is simple enough to do, and there are many tutorials available on the web which show easy ways of doing it in just a few minutes. Take a look at ours for inspiration, and whilst you’re there why not follow us!

Another mistake a lot of people make is to think that the number of people following you is important. Of course, in one sense it is, but in another it’s simply taking your eye off the ball. Inviting all your friends and family to follow you, and even buying followers (a service being offered by one company this week) simply increases the number of followers.

That’s all it does. None of those following you are actually interested in your marketing message, your website or any other aspect of your business. What good is a number if it’s not a potential customer?

Instead, focus on providing good, solid content that will help you acquire a loyal following of people likely to either be interested in your service, or who may help promote your business through re-tweeting or recommendations.