Have you noticed yet that Twitter has a new interface? It’s only in the beta stage, and has yet to become the default standard way in which Twitter is displayed, but it you have visited Twitter recently you may have noticed that there’s a bar along the top of the page which suggest that you try out the new look arrangement.

One of the key points to bear in mind is that if  you’ve been using a custom background which includes your business details, such as website, logo, telephone number and e-mail address, then this information may no longer be visible.

In fact there is now very little extra room around the outside of twitters page, meaning that it is now not only important to have a think about the background you use, but also making sure that your bio section at the top of your page includes enough information to inform people about your business, and provide a way for them to get in touch.

Remember that this bio section can only contain 23 characters, but that if you have included the web address of your business in the appropriate section of your profile, this will be displayed just under the bio text. Making sure that your tweets are highly relevant, interesting, include links, and encourage people to visit your website is all the more important, although do beware that you don’t end up simply tweeting advertisement after advertisement. Remember, it is social media, not advertising media.