Perhaps you heard at the end of last week that Facebook launched their new Facebook Questions feature? This looks set to be a big opportunity for businesses to really engage with consumers, clients, customers and visitors in a way which not only massively helps support market research, but also helps to engage people in a way that actively encourages them to come back, and to consider your brand one which is really focussed on the consumer, rather than just on the business.

Facebook QuestionsAt the moment Facebook Questions has only been provided to a select group of beta testers, with the feature being rolled out to everyone sometime soon. However, you can get a head start today by upgrading your Facebook account to include the new feature, just by visiting

Unlike sites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora the new Facebook Questions feature won’t currently be indexed by the search engines, and rather than providing free form answers, they’re all multiple choice. But this still gives businesses a massive opportunity to engage with visitors, and the data can then be used to not only create new content, develop the business in a different way, introduce new ranges, services or products which you know will be more popular, but it can also be published online as interesting research in many cases.

Imagine being able to offer your customers a choice of potential products or services you might be introducing, asking which they would be most interested in, and knowing quickly what step to take next. Or imagine asking your visitors for information on visitors’ working environments, so that you can then deliver marketing material to tap in to opportunities revealed through these responses. There’s almost certainly a great deal of valuable data you would love to get your hands on, and by upgrading your Facebook account today you can start gathering that data straight away, helping to take your business in a new direction tomorrow.