Make Customers Fall In Love With You This Valentine’s With Creative Content


You may remember at the start of December we wrote a post about how small businesses can grow by capturing the holiday spirit.

By targeting the right audience across social channels and by having measures in place to ethically capture people’s contact details when they visit you, Christmas is one of the best times for companies to grow their business both in the short- and long-term.

The statistics for small businesses interested in inbound marketing over a holiday period don’t lie. Recently, research suggested that e-commerce sales over Christmas 2016 ‘crushed expectations’.

For those that marketed themselves well enough online, that represents an excellent future growth opportunity. Christmas, though, isn’t the only time for small businesses to get excited about finding a new audience.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and is up there as a major retail opportunity that small businesses can harness to let customers know they exist and attract a new audience.

Where the heart is

Last year’s Valentine’s Day sparked a UK spending splurge of approximately £2 billion, up from £1.3 billion the previous year.

The key to attracting consumers’ eyeballs lies in the content you produce, the message you want to share and targeting the right people over social media.

Valentine’s Day is open to everybody, and there are numerous examples of brands that have pushed targeted creative content over social media to build an audience, sell more products and capture data.

Valentine’s is a very open holiday, though. Where Christmas has its religious connotations, Valentine’s allows brands to be as brave or as straight with their message as they wish.

Love is for everybody, but such a broad topic can make it hard for businesses to think of a message that reaches out to everyone whilst alienating nobody at the same time.

The solution is easy; you don’t have to reach out to everyone. You have to research your market, create personas, and build a long-term strategy with content that’s most likely to attract those people to your business.

Content marketing messages that people love


Content marketing messages that people love


Struggling for inspiration? When it comes to content marketing, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Yes, you can be as creative as you wish, but the key things to focus on are the market you wish to target and the core message you wish to get out to people.

Here are some examples of successful content marketing campaigns:

1: Teleflora – Reaching new customers with a personal service

As we’ve mentioned, it can be hard for people to be creative with the theme of love, especially when Valentine’s comes around.

Teleflora realised this last year and created a campaign that promoted its helpful, personalised service. Teleflora, last year, offered a card writing service for those that were stumped at what to write to their loved ones when they ordered flowers.

Teleflora realised that the market for ordering flowers online during Valentine’s is incredibly saturated, and so to differentiate themselves from competitors they offered what they considered a more personalised service called Love Note Concierge, which was free of charge.

2: Adidas – Showing its inclusive message on social media

“The love you take is equal to the love you make,” so said Adidas’ Instagram marketing campaign last year that showed a same-sex couple wearing the same trainers and appearing to embrace.

Many called it controversial but, as well as some negative reactions to the campaign, numerous people lauded Adidas for showing that love was for everybody and that its inclusive message had convinced them to consider buying Adidas products.

Again, there was some clever inbound marketing going on here as Adidas has made a point to target the LGBT market and has previously released specific products such as ‘pride pack’ designs.

Adidas, as well as positioning its overall company message as an inclusive one, will have also carefully targeted those in the LGBT community on Valentine’s to attract those customers, while the message itself managed to generate debate and put the brand firmly in the spotlight.


Targeting your market for maximum effect

3: Kay Jewelers and – Strong paid and organic search presence

Search engines fill a need. People use them to get an answer to a question, so it stands to reason that the higher a company ranks for specific Valentine’s keywords the better it will do.

In 2015, Kay Jewelers saw a huge amount of traffic thanks to a Valentine’s PPC strategy that ran for the best part of a week, focusing on certain keywords related to the best paid keywords it could convert for as well as encouraging people to visit its stores.

Likewise, at the time ranked strongly naturally for organic Valentine’s keywords, proving that its efforts on its long-term organic search marketing efforts would likely see huge amounts of traffic when Valentine’s Day rolled around that year.

Targeting your market for maximum effect

All of these campaigns have something in common; they have all taken the time to thoroughly research their audience and the people they want to target before unleashing their campaigns across social media.

It’s impossible to overestimate the benefits of a strong long-term strategy and getting to know your audience before you create an inbound marketing campaign.

Research from a couple of years ago, for instance, shows that nearly three-quarters of Facebook users plan Valentine’s a week in advance while 31% of men buy gifts or book dinner on the day itself.

Useful research, but with the changing nature of the internet have those numbers shifted at all? How does that reflect your business; should you target people the week before, plan the campaign for a week or push your efforts the day before?

Most importantly, what are you going to do with the users you target? Is your website set up to best convert that traffic into long-term customers? Are payment plans easy and clear, and is there a transparent system set up for collecting data to contact them again?

Show your customers the love with a creative inbound marketing campaign this Valentine’s Day, and they’re sure to love you back in the long-term.


If you’d like to know more about creating an effective inbound marketing campaign for business growth that targets relevant customers, speak to a Webpresence representative today.