Forget The Great British Bake Off – it’s all about The Great British Blog Off and how you can cook up tasty content for your readers.

You may have got a great website that’s getting lots of click-throughs from search engines, but how long are people actually hanging about on your page? Do they stay for a cup of tea and a biscuit or do they not even take their shoes off at the door?

It all depends on how good a host you are and the kind of conversation you make. In a nutshell, if you’re not creating compelling content on a regular basis, engagement levels will falter and it won’t be long before interest in your brand is lost altogether.

They say variety is the spice of life, but did you know it’s also the best way to pique and maintain the interest of browsers – and potential customers?


spice up your content

Content – Mix it up

Content marketing has really taken off and has established itself as one of the best ways to instigate a relationship and engage with readers.

It’s true that traditional offline marketing such as direct mail and cold calling has become hugely ineffective with time, and the online landscape has changed too – intrusive banner ads on irrelevant websites are now seen as an interruption to user experience and are rapidly being replaced with fresh, unique content which readers deem to be of value.

Once you know what works and you’ve got into a routine with your content marketing, beware of getting stuck in a rut. While it is crucial to have a content strategy, be prepared to amend it to avoid monotony and keep up with the latest trends.

Shove your fear of the unknown to one side and step into the brave new world of content marketing with these ideas;

The humble news feed

Most brands who have jumped on the content marketing bandwagon have a news feed to keep interested parties up to date with the latest goings-on. A regularly updated news feed not only provides useful updates but also shows thought leadership in your industry, especially if you cover news soon after it has broken or even create something newsworthy yourself.

blogger rss iconGet your blog on

News feeds tend to have a serious, more formal tone about them, but don’t feel as though you have to stick with this to reassure readers of your expertise in the field. Everyone loves a fresh angle, especially if it will make them laugh, so get creative and experiment with some quirky posts.

A blog is also an ideal place for advice posts, something a bit different like interviews and for showing readers the more ‘human’ side of your brand. Are you planning on decorating the office for Christmas? Why not upload a post with photos of the team putting up the tree or wearing Santa hats? This shows the human side of a business, enhancing familiarity, likeability and making you easier to relate to as a brand.

Infographics boost your traffic

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information – but they’re much more fun than they sound! Presenting information visually using large text, attractive images and bright colours is not only a tried and tested way to attract attention but is also easier on the eye than a large chunk of text.

Technophobes need not apply

Did you know that viewers are likely to spend 100% more time looking through a corporate website if it includes video material?* Or that 76% of respondents agree that videos in emails generate very high click-through rates?**

Visual content is hugely popular and there’s no excuse not to do it with apps such as Vine and Instagram videos available at the touch of a button and incredibly easy to use. Videos and infographics are also more likely to go viral than text-based posts, so you can really boost brand awareness with this type of content and dramatically enhance your web presence.

In conclusion

Incorporating a range of brilliant ideas into your content strategy gives your brand a creative, insightful voice that your readers will learn to recognise and trust.

But it’s not time to put your feet up just yet. You’ve given your brand an appealing voice, but now you’ve got to spread the word. Make Twitter your best friend, get acquainted with Pinterest – choose the social media platforms where your target audience hang out. From social media to blogger outreach, having a selection of distribution techniques up your sleeve is just as important as getting creative with your content.

Variety is the vital ingredient in your content marketing recipe that can turn a browser into a reader into a loyal customer. Happy brainstorming!


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