Warning - An SEO Error Of JudgementAs I have stated several times, regardless of what you may have heard from the many scaremongers online, article marketing is every bit as effective as it has been, and perhaps more so now that standards have been tightened up considerably, weening out the poor quality writers, marketers and directories from the search results.

But at the same time I believe that other forms of marketing should be explored, and in some cases it may be beneficial for businesses to split their marketing budget and time, devoting some of it towards article marketing whilst exploring other opportunities, such as video marketing.

However, I feel a desperate need to launch a warning across the bow, because I see many businesses already making a catastrophic error of judgement.

For many people article marketing isn’t easy. Coming up with original, engaging and informative ideas, writing about them coherently and using accurate English, incorporating current SEO methodologies throughout and then submitting those articles in an effective way is both challenging, and time consuming. Of course, taking advantage of the services of a copywriter is a sensible solution, but this can be expensive, which is why many businesses remain on the lookout for cheaper alternatives.

Two cheap alternatives include using cheap copywriters who produce articles for a dollar each, or turning to video marketing through sites such as YouTube.

Firstly, I don’t think anyone is fooled for a minute when it comes to using cheap copywriters. In a post-Panda and post-Penguin world it is absolutely vital that all content published anywhere by your business is top quality, 100% original and engaging for real readers. A dollar isn’t going to get you much more than a page full of words, and that’s not even close to what article marketing is all about.

Which is why more businesses have turned to the second alternative – video marketing. At first glance it seems extremely tempting. Instead of having to worry about sentence grammar, article structuring, SEO algorithms or even spelling, all that’s necessary is a cheery smile and a vague idea of what you’re going to say.


Very wrong. If anything I would suggest that video marketing is actually more challenging than article marketing, or at least, it should be. The moment you see it as the ‘soft option’ you’re shifting your business into dangerous waters.

To begin with your video needs to be largely scripted if it is going to be tight, informative, concise and avoid being waffly or overly casual. That script is effectively an article, and needs to be structured and planned accordingly.

I strongly recommend including the text either in the video description section, or uploaded so that YouTube can use this to automatically create captions (a little used SEO technique I have recommended before). This means that your sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation still have to be accurate.

So quite apart from being an easy option, video marketing requires you to do virtually everything that article marketing demands, but then you need to go further.

For example, you’ll need to make sure that the person doing the presentation is smart and presentable, that the backdrop is not distracting, and that the sound and video quality is clear.

There will often be a need to record the video more than once to get it right. You may well need to practice reading the script out loud several times to make sure you can make it sound natural, and you may want to use a teleprompter service. Then there is the video editing and titles, the uploading, formatting, choosing of categories and tags, and then the announcement across social media platforms of the new video.

In fact if you feel that article marketing is a challenge, I would strongly advise against slipping into video marketing. A poor quality video could very well cause significantly more harm to your business brand than a poorly constructed article will. And let’s not even consider the possibility of your video being circulated as an example of ‘how not to do it’… unless of course that’s the whole idea..

Have you tried video marketing? How have you approached the unique challenges of video marketing? Do you integrate your article marketing with video marketing at all? Please share your thoughts and experiences using the comments box below.