What? No? It couldn’t be? What’s the catch? These are just a few of the things charity representatives say to us when we tell them that they could get up to the GBP equivalent of $120,000 in FREE funding for advertising on Google.

Google Ads Grants are available to any charity that’s registered with the charity commission in the UK to advertise their services on Google. Whether you’re interested in raising awareness for a new animal charity, increasing fundraising activities for a research organisation or recruiting new volunteers and donors for a local charity shop, the ad grant can be applied for by small, medium, and even national charities.

The money can be used exclusively to fund Google search ads, which are those that appear at the top of the search results when you search for relevant keywords on Google. You’ve likely seen them when browsing the web yourself, and with over 1 billion searches on the platform every day, that’s a hell of an audience to get your mission in front of.

Whether you’ve run ads online before, or are a total novice, Google Ads can be a tricky landscape to navigate, the application process for the grant can be confusing and you might not have the hours to dedicate to it – we get it! These things often fall to the wayside in lieu of the other more meaningful work that charities do, which is why we offer a dedicated service.

Our Ad Grants service can apply for funding on your behalf, get to know your charity and your goals, and set up, build and run the adverts on your behalf.

If the GBP equivalent of $120,000 a year is something your charity could benefit from, then get in touch with us and we will complete a FREE eligibility check!

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Let's Connect on Inbound

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