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On The Same Landing Page - Episode 21
Working in the comms and marketing department of a small charity can feel like you have a huge mountain to climb without the correct tools and funding to make it to the top. In this episode, Hayley Wright, communications and engagement manager at Citizens Advice talks through the difference between marketing at a regional versus national level and how to adapt to the change in resources and budgets.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 20
Charity campaigns can often come across as nothing but a route to raising funds but what if you focused on the story of your charity and the lives you have impacted? That is what CALM is doing. Fundraising Director at CALM, Emily Clayton, explains how focusing on the message of the charity and raising awareness for their cause has massively increased their donations – without having to ask for money! Their recent ‘Unseen Signals’ campaign uses a powerful message partnered with a public figure to explain their messaging and expand their brand’s reach.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 19
When you’re a charity that covers a lot of areas, it can be difficult to know where to start with your marketing. Do you focus on events, recent news stories or just explain what your organisation’s purpose is? Matthew Belfield from the LGBT Foundation understands how to narrow the focus of a campaign for maximum impact. He also explains how passion for the cause is integral to generating new ideas and finding new ways to resonate with your target audience.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 18
Standing out as a charitable organisation can be difficult but Bloody Good Period have got it nailed! Focusing on portraying a strong and unique brand message whilst working with influencers and hosting events to further their message, BGP has expanded their reach to a massive audience. Helping to increase their donations and create endless opportunities for collaboration and charitable growth.
On The Same Landing Page - Keywords Episode
In 2022 we made some predictions on where the trends were going to go, in this episode Marketing Manager, Jason Morton, looks back at the predictions we made and provides more information on how these trends have evolved in the past year.
On The Same Landing Page - Keywords Episode
In this episode of On the Same Landing Page our head of advertising, Astra Newton, talks about how our different charity guests have used the news to promote their cause and increase donations for their beneficiaries.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 17
In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, we speak to Jo Roberts, CEO of The Wilderness Foundation as she explains how successful partnerships and building a strong brand have helped to increase their number of beneficiaries from 3,000 to 8,000 in just 5 years. With a history of successful campaigns and programs, Jo is a real leader in the non-profit space, you don't want to miss this episode!
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 16
In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, we speak with Katie Cartwright, the head of regional fundraising at Action For Children about the importance of transparency, storytelling and targeting your audience on the right platforms when it comes to raising funds for charitable causes.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 15
In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, Emily Cherry reveals how she has overcome challenges and driven success in the world of charity through innovative data-driven decision-making. If you’re looking for practical advice and insightful anecdotes from a leader who has truly made a difference, then you won’t want to miss this episode.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 14 - Deforested Future: The Consequences of Ignoring Indigenous Rights
In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, we speak with Louise Cordery from Rainforest Foundation UK about the impacts of worldwide deforestation, not just on the planet, but on the inhabitants of the forests who are being displaced. Louise goes into detail about some of the solutions Rainforest Foundation UK is putting in place to protect people living in the communities most affected by deforestation and infrastructure development.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 13 - How Non-Profits Can Use Branded Entertainment To Meet Their Goals
In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, we speak to Jamar Jones, author, public speaker, hip-hop artist and owner of Foureva Media. Jamar walks us through how non-profits can spread their message through branded entertainment and use podcasting to increase their organisation's reach.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 12 - Charity Marketing Challenges: Fundraising, Finding Your Niche and Dealing With Setbacks
In this episode of On the Same Landing Page, we speak with Jake Criswick, CEO of Play it Forward, a charity providing education and health activities for young people in Southern Zambia. Jake discusses the amazing work his charity is doing, the challenges that charities are facing and how to find your place in a very crowded industry.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 11 - Fundraising, Awareness and Recruitment - Using Google Ads Grants to Help Your Charity Go FAR
Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ads Grants is available right now for Charities and Non-Profits to advertise via Google. Sound too good to be true? In the episode, we break down the application process, the running and the results of Google Ads Grants and what they could do for your charity or non-profit.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 10 - Slowing Down Your Marketing Strategy To Speed Up Results
In this episode of On the Same Landing Page, we speak with Anna Holloway, account manager at Fluid Communications about her experience working with multiple clients and encouraging them to slow down and refocus on their core values and goals before moving forward with their marketing strategy. It can be easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world of marketing and it is beneficial to have the help of an expert team to help you re-evaluate the best strategy to optimise your return on investment in marketing.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 9 - Personality, Performance and Promotions... How People Are at The Heart of Marketing
In this episode we are joined by Britt Mulder, Digital and Marketing Manger at Eatron, as she lets us into the tips and tricks that she has picked up throughout her short, yet wildly successful career in marketing. As a self-taught marketeer, Britt has been exposed to every element of marketing from ad design and content creation all the way to strategising whole campaigns.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 8 - How To Make Your Marketing Strategy Recession-proof
In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, Patrick McGovern joins us to talk about making your marketing strategy recession-proof, top vs. bottom of the funnel marketing and how becoming a specialist in your area could benefit you in the future. With a plethora of knowledge from years in the marketing industry, Patrick provides real insights and detailed solutions to a lot of problems in current marketing culture.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 7 - Face-to-Face vs. Digital Events: Why is Face-to-Face Making A Comeback?
Riley Soley covers two roles as both a Marketing and Media Executive and the EDI Officer at Esports Insider. Riley comes on the podcast to discuss the massive steps forward that have been made in the E Sports industry, not only around having more women in the industry but also catering to people with additional needs. What could you learn from listening to this conversation?
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 6 - To Brand or Not To Brand?
In this episode, we speak to Fractional CMO Vanessa Bolosier about whether branding or performance marketing is the more powerful path for businesses looking to grow and how they can be used in tandem for the best results.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 5 - The Rise and Rise of CPC
On this episode, Astra Newton (Head of Advertising) is asked what Businesses can do to manage rising cost per click in paid search advertising and paid social. Find out some of the tricks of the trade you can use for your ads accounts or speak to us for a review of your PPC accounts.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 4 - Working with an Agency
This time, we shake things up a little bit and our Head of Advertising interviews our Marketing Manager about inbound marketing.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 3 - A Director's Perspective; How to Make PPC Work
This time, we speak to Adrian Spencer, Director of Hanbury Wedding Barns about his journey with PPC and how it helped to evolve his business, even through the pandemic.
On The Same Landing Page - Episode 2 - Marketing Trends in 2022 with Sarah Latham
What do a cup of coffee and a video marketing campaign have in common? All that and more in episode 2 as we discuss what 2022 holds for marketeers and businesses. This week we speak to Sarah Latham from Eleven Marketing about the new fangled trends we can expect to see in 2022 and how they might affect the charity and public sectors in which Sarah works!
On The Same Landing Page - Pilot Episode
We're Web Presence; a rag-tag bunch of marketeers based in the sleepy little market town of Macclesfield - but we’re not sleeping behind the wheel, quite the opposite, we’re driving businesses towards stronger marketing practices, better KPI’s and increased revenue with our inbound approach.