In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, we take a look at which marketing technique is most popular amongst all of the guests we had in 2022.

Our Marketing Manger, Jason Morton goes into detail about how this tool can help your business to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

If you’ve been listening to a podcast on the same page for a while, you know that we always ask people to rank their marketing channels between PPC, SEO, social media and email marketing in order of importance to their business or just in their experience. 12 episodes later, at the end of 2022, there’s a clear winner.

Search Engine Optimization On Top.






I’m going to say SEO





Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

SEO is really intent based, right? So it’s not the same as putting your brand up on a billboard. People are looking for your product or service when they find you. So the efficiency rate of somebody clicking on your list into coming through to you is really high, and I think people need that right now.

So search engine optimisation is acknowledged among many marketers as being the most effective channel to invest in. So why is it so often overlooked and underinvested? There’s main two factors, really price and timing. Depending on how competitive your industry is, it can take between six or nine months, up to two years. It can cost you around £900 as a starting price per month, up to an above £5000 per month.

So there’s a huge chasm as well in between how much you pay and a long time to wait to find out if that investment is worth your time and your money. Most people see results between 6 to 12 months and they’re measured by improvements to search visibility, Keyword rankings, organic traffic and organic conversions. There are were well over 200 factors that Google uses to determine where you rank on their pages.

And I say Google, but really all search engines do this is just be focused on Google because it’s worth about 95% of traffic. I’m going to give away all of our secrets about how to make SEO work. So listen in, broadly is on page and off page SEO and on page is improving how the website is built from the perspective of search engines.

So what we do there you need to do a technical website audit, you can use Moz. A H Refs there’s a bunch of tools that do it. If they’re free, there’s a reason they’re free. So to invest in some good tools and you want to identify the issues that are harming your SEO and get your web development team to work on those. The most common ones are page speeds and images being too big that don’t need to be as big for them to render correctly and dodgy links that are going off the broken pages don’t work anymore and I’m going off script here, so I’ll leave it there.

You’ll also need to make the hierarchy of information clear to search engines, do keyword research, and determine the lowest hanging fruit keywords to get you ranked for the most efficient use of resources. And then you can start your off page work. And this is where the really hard stuff begins. Updating local directory pages is a form of off page SEO.

It helps build brand signals to your home page and you can optimize your Google My Business page, which helps your local SEO ensures you’re found when people search for services you offer with extensions like ‘near me’ or the town and city you’re located. Get yourself set up on Google Search Console. That’ll give you an insight into what people are searching to get to your website at the moment and you can work out

have we got good content based on that online search queries? And then you start with a core part of SEO which is building backlinks to your home page, or your main target pages and you should only really build backlinks from high authority websites. Now what does that mean? Building backlinks. You’ve probably seen many of these emails yourself in your business inbox where people offer to post content for free on your website and link back to another page.

So it’s essentially that, it’s really hard to get that done. You’ve probably noticed by how many emails you’ve seen of those, or you you’ll get people trying to sell you a quite high price or a low price. And the difficult part here is making sure that they come from high domain authority websites. You can get a hundred backlinks from a low quality, kind of spammy website.

No problem. I could set a website up tomorrow and sell that to you. It’s not going to do anything for SEO, it needs to be higher than at least 30 in terms of domain authority. So that means that website’s been producing content for a long time has good SEO itself is kind of showing signals to Google it is verified essentially and those websites need to link to you, not a website that’s just been created, you know, last week.

So that’s kind of it. But I guess if a mechanic told you how to fix a car, you’d still probably pay them to get it done. And a lot of people do try SEO in-house because it’s so expensive and they struggle to keep up with it. It’s a lot of work. It requires patience, dedicated hours and constant learning as Google evolves.

As I said, it changes every day and regardless, our guests that we’ve had on the podcast value it above all other channels. It was it was about 70% that had the highest channel over the course of the guest that we’ve had on. They voted it as the best tool to use and so should form the foundation of any long term marketing strategy that you have in place.

So if you want to speak to us about it, we can talk to you about what your price looks like based on your keywords and your market. Hopefully this has been useful. Episode Just to summarize one of the key decisions that your company makes as it looks forward to grow in the New Year. Thank you.

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

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