With the help of the Google Ads Grants, in 2023 alone, NUM have managed to increase their conversions by 93% from this time last year.

The Challenge

National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is a non-profit that supports and advocates for the rights of sex workers in the UK. NUM research, design and deliver safety tools and support to those in the adult industry. 

As their tech partner helping to deliver safety tools and web projects, NUM approached us as they were unhappy with the service level from a previous Google Ads Grants supplier. Operating in this industry also made it extremely difficult for NUM to run effective ads with relevant search terms. This is because many of the ads are flagged for ‘inappropriate content’; limiting the visibility of their services to sex workers in need of their services.

The Solution

The FAR framework that we offered was a remedy for both of the major problems NUM were experiencing, in that it offers more management than competitor agencies, and that we are able to run a broader range of keywords under the different campaign umbrellas. 

Our discovery process gave NUM the space to cover everything from financial goals to the long-term missions of nonprofits. During this discovery process, the team at NUM were able to present all of their concerns and challenges to us, allowing a collaborative approach to finding the best-fit strategy. Instead of focussing solely on ‘sex work’ related phrases that were quickly flagged and limited, we focussed on other benefits of the service such as ‘victim support’ and ‘mental wellbeing’.

The Impact

Now with a wider reach on their keywords, NUM has so far in 2023, received a +93% increase in their conversions from this time last year, which translates to more people accessing their service and using their safety tools. In the real world, this means more sex workers are able to check their clients’ details against crime reports, report instances of abuse without fear of retribution. More sex workers can now gain support from specially trained case workers.

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FREE Google Advertising For Charities
FREE Google Advertising For Charities

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