The charity sector is crowded with multiple charities trying to help the same causes. 

In our recent podcast episode, Jake Criswick talks about the challenges facing the charity industry and how it can be difficult to make your cause heard in a space with over 170,000 organisations. So how do you stand out? 

Step 1: What is Your Niche?

Scope the area you want to work in and see if there is an opportunity for you to fit in without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Reach out to any partners or charities, or ministries where you intend to work to ensure that there is a cause for you to attach your organisation to. 

Decide whether your organisation will be targeting a geographical area (Southern Zambia) or a specific cause (Cancer research).

If you decide to focus on a community, solving multiple issues then it is best to prioritise which you tackle first. This way you have a clear hierarchy of tasks to complete and your mission will remain clear. Without this it is easy to become sidetracked and your messaging may become unclear in your marketing/fundraising campaigns.

Finding a niche allows you to prove the results of your work. Setting yourself small, realistic goals will give you tangible results that you can share with your donors to reinforce their belief and support for your cause. 

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

Step 2: Make Your Message Clear 

A clear message for your donors, trustees and supporters is the most important thing for a successful campaign. Your message must portray the importance of your cause, what you are hoping to achieve through your work and what you have achieved so far. This will build a connection with your cause and create advocacy in your community. 

Here are some tips for creating a clear brand message:

    • Think about your audience and what will connect with them 
    • Create a clear and consistent brand voice 
    • Keep it simple and specific 
    • Use emotive language and involve your audience in your messaging. Use phrases like ‘you can help change the lives of these children’ 
    • Explain your value – share your strengths and ability as an organisation
Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

Step 3: Experiment 

Experimenting with different channels, techniques and marketing strategies will help to expand the reach of your charity. It will also diversify your audience and generate as much success as possible. Although sticking to what you know when it comes to marketing can seem like the best option, there will be a ceiling to the success. So, it’s important to experiment with new approaches.

Available channels for inbound traffic:

  • Your Website 
  • Partnership Websites
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 
  • TikTok 

Available routes to market:

  • PPC
  • SEO 
  • Content Marketing
  • Event Marketing 

We understand that not everyone knows what all of these acronyms mean so here is a link to our glossary of marketing terms to help you understand what we are talking about.

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

Key Takeaway

Take these three things into consideration and you’ll be on track to build a successful digital presence for your charity or non-profit organisation. In an increasingly digital world, this could be the key to unlocking awareness, donations and volunteers for your organisation and your beneficiaries.

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