With an additional budget of upwards of £90,000 a year Fashion Revolution were able to instantly globalise thier advertsing to 7 different countries, something which would have cost them millions and taken years without the power of Google Ads Grants

The Challenge

Fashion Revolution sought us out when looking for ways that they could increase the number of people signing their ‘Good Clothes, Fair Pay’ petition, which advocates for fairer pay and better quality through the fashion supply chain. The petition was to be hosted on their website and they needed help with how to promote it effectively within their budget. 

To further complicate matters, they are required to get a certain number of signatures per EU area, which they were struggling to do organically. While areas like the Netherlands far exceeded the number required, areas like France and Denmark were lagging behind.

The Solution

The first benefit of using Google Ads Grants to support this initiative was that there was an additional £8,000 a month in grant funding to build on top of their small marketing budget. With no limitations on where we could show the ads, we opted to show them across the EU area, giving more budget to areas that required more signatures, and reducing it in the areas where it was already performing well. 

They are also able to support their other missions through ads, for an additional 6 months once the ‘Good Clothes, Fair Pay’ petition closes. After utilising the streamlined FAR system, they had budget remaining to further support the petition on other paid media channels, including social media.

The Impact

With an additional budget of upwards of £90,000 a year in the grant funding available to the charity, they were able to increase their marketing budget by 10x to help them lobby governments, research the industry and support those in garment making.

They are now able to advertise their initiative in 7 EU areas, which they previously had zero exposure in. Through the ads they’re running, they have managed to increase the submissions of the petitions in their more difficult areas and have managed to achieve more signatures than before being approved for the grant. 

In the real world, this is putting them further towards their goal of 1 million signatures, which once achieved, will allow Fashion Revolution to lobby more effectively for legislation that requires companies to conduct living wage due diligence in their supply chains.

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FREE Google Advertising For Charities
FREE Google Advertising For Charities

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