In this episode of On The Same Landing Page, we take a look back at the best moments from our 2022 podcast episodes. Throughout the year, we had the opportunity to speak with a diverse group of experts in the fields of branding, charity leadership, and marketing. Our guests shared their valuable insights and experiences on digital marketing, as well as their strategies for navigating the ever-changing business landscape.

We kicked off the year with a discussion with our own Director, Paul Kutschmarski about navigating uncertainty in your marketing strategy and finished it with an in-depth conversation about the marketing challenges facing the Charity and non-profit sector with Jake Criswick, CEO of Play It Forward.

Overall, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to gain valuable insights on digital marketing and business strategies in general.



Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of the On The Same Landing Page podcast. This year we are giving you a baker’s dozen of podcasts and revisiting some of our best bits from 2022 so far. Section one, as always is called 10 minutes of a Marketeer. If you cast your minds all the way back to the very first episode we did with Paul Kutschmarski and he gave some solid advice about how businesses can navigate uncertainty.

In that same conversation. Instead of getting caught up in the panic and the fear of the whole moment, zoom out to six months, zoom out to 12 months, and in particular zoom out to compare this year to 2019 or 2018. And all of a sudden those arrows that I don’t know what’s more green than green, but they they’ve got that big open, right? You don’t mean everything’s moving in the right direction. So with kind of, you know, longer term marketing and marketing methods in mind, I think right now the advice is to zoom out and look at a longer period of time and just let those peaks and troughs weed themselves out.

That might have been recorded 12 months ago, but the advice still stands, particularly as we move into 2023, with times of economic uncertainty.Now, cast your minds forward another 12 months to our latest podcast with CEO of Play It Forward, Jake Criswick, who talks about navigating uncertainty in the charity space.

Yeah, I think it’s it’s something, as I said, that we’ve kind of only started in the last few months, really. So we would say we’re yet to see the real results of that, how it’s working. I think it’s a great scheme and I think every charity should explore it and sign up to it. And I think a lot of charities don’t treat themselves as as businesses, but they should take a more kind of business minded approach in their fundraising. And we can’t just rely organically on people donating and generosity. We have to try and reach new audiences and to do it in a way that’s driven by data and digital is is the way forward. So we have to adapt and I think a lot of small charities aren’t, but I would definitely encourage them to take the same approach, try out, see what happens. It doesn’t really cost much at all and it’s amazing. It’s free money, so maybe we’ve got a silly to turn it down anyway.

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

So charities need to take advantage of grants to propel themselves digitally. But what about businesses? We spoke to Vanessa, who talks about the importance of building an unshakable brand, both in the real world and online.

I think it’s been intentional actually taking the time I’m not saying taking all the time, but like having regular touch points about the things that matter because even ultimately, even like just recruitment, if you’re trying to scale and you trying to grow, like it’s much easier for a brand like Deliveroo to, to hire than it is whatever, like food delivery that no one knows about. Because like the minute someone shares that job, everyone will recognize the brand. I mean, that is obviously aside from culture and what actually goes on. Yeah, but like the day, like it, it radiates across all aspects of business. And I think this is there are some fundamentals like you know what your values are, what make your purpose of mission the mission your mission like what all of these things are. And I guess they’re all business goals, but the value proposition is quite central and like it’s quite central and fundamental to what you’re trying to achieve as a company and a brand. But then again, you know, you have to position yourself on the market so you can decide to position yourself from only the perspective of performance and only the perspective of like the bottom line. Or you can decide to actually determine what your mantra is, and that is somehow an exercise that you can drive a brand that’s not going to cost you like millions, but that still helps everyone in the team and in the company articulate what they like, what their work is like, what they’re working on. Does that makes sense? Is it?

Vanessa challenged strategies that only focus on the bottom of the funnel marketing, working on how your audience perceives is absolutely vital. Likewise, Adrian highlighted the importance of understanding your audience’s customer journey, showing real life experiences. He got into some detail.

The principles are on like, Oh, let’s say you said something that you’re looking for a specific product, you see an eye and it takes you to Amazon. You buy the products done. That’s that sort of ended the transaction as a wedding photographer and a wedding venue. The purchase is not immediate. So really with the advert, you’re trying to get people to engage with your website, see what you can do and what you can offer, and then you sort of try to entice them to inquire at that point. So really it’s the first kind of step towards a sale rather than taking you directly to a site. So really our our kind of flow for the couples is that they’ll discover they’ll have to come to the website really like what they say, but then quiet, then they’ll come for show round, which is sort of the second major step where we’ll discuss things a lot more detail and then that will help you transition onto a booking. I think it’s a compared to wedding photography it’s weddings took view was a simpler process but a similar one.

And what about diversity? We spoke to Riley about whether things were actually changing in the gaming industry when it comes to marketing events and exhibitions.

100%, 100%? We have seen an increase in the kind of people that come into our events that is incredibly more diverse. Kendricks, who is the CMO with me, actually said to me, And I hope she won’t mind me saying this. But she said, You know, I’ve been going to FCA events for a few years, but I’ve only felt, well, not only I’ve started to feel more comfortable being here since you started working on the events, and I was like, Wow, that’s really so flattering.

We’ve got some brilliant guests scheduled for this year, including more leaders representing nonprofits. So stay tuned!

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities


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