Social Media can be pretty tough to crack, especially for small businesses. Luckily for all of us in Macclesfield, we’ve got quite a few amazing role models that we can take into consideration before we post!


#1 BE: Hairdressing

Who Are They?

BE: Hairdressing is renowned in Macclesfield for having absolutely everything you could wish for under one roof – They provide hairdressing, barbering, nails, eyelashes and aesthetic services all from the same place! But, Adam and his team aren’t just dominating the beauty industry, they’re killing it on Facebook too!

How Are They Using Social Media Effectively?

i) Advocacy

Advocacy is the most important part of a businesses social media – it’s your way of showing your audience that you’re a legitimate company and showcasing the people behind the business. When it comes down to it, people buy people!

It’s all too easy for businesses to blast out promotional posts – Because the more people that see your amazing offers, the more sales you will generate, right? Wrong! In order to generate sales, you need to show people content that grabs their attention and shows a more human side of your business. BE: Hairdressing does an amazing job of this by showcasing the hard work of their staff team, like in the post below!

Remember, it’s not always just about showing off your staff; It’s about showing what makes you different from the competition.

ii) Business Updates

As a business, you need to tell your audience about new and exciting changes within the company whenever they come up. BE: Hairdressing do an amazing job of this by using enticing images with their business updates. Pairing an image with information increases the audience’s ability to recall the post by 65% and makes it stand out more on the newsfeed itself!

#2 Red Willow Macclesfield

Who are they?

Red Willow is known for their amazing range of craft beers, which are mainly sourced from their very own brewery in Macclesfield!

How Are They Using Social Media Effectively?

i) Events

Posting events on Facebook are a great way to build up that community feeling about your business. When you publish an event, your audience can see exactly what’s going on, when it’s happening, and how many people are going – They can also invite their friends with very little effort.

Events make it very easy for your audience and potential customers to see what you are doing and when.



Red Willow’s events are announced very often and always get a great response from their audience, with their guestlists ranging from 20 guests to 138! My favourite part about their events is how they work together both with their brewery and their bar in Buxton to advertise the events.

ii) Integrated Menus

Steering away from how Red Willow post on the Facebook platform, I was really impressed by their integrated menu tabs on their page. This shows both their food and drinks menu and the prices. This is an excellent way for the business to appeal to their audience by giving them easy access to the menus, even when they’re not in the venue.

#3 Boho Bar

Who Are They?

Boho Bar is a hidden bar inside the Button Warehouse. By day, they serve healthy food and freshly made juices. By night, they provide Macclesfield with a relaxing atmosphere and live acoustic music – what more could we wish for?

How Are They Using Social Media Effectively?

i) Brand Voice

Their Instagram page is packed with tons of quirky pictures! Although they have a variety of pictures – From the initial furnishing of the bar to their customers and their dogs – the voice they use to talk to their audience stays the same.

Finding the correct voice for your business is important; It shows your audience who you are and what you’re all about! Boho Bar’s voice comes across as very friendly and approachable, so their customers feel like they can ask them any questions they have.


ii) Hashtags

When you’re building up your follower base on Instagram or  Twitter, hashtags can help you reach a wider audience. Without them, only the people who follow you would see your post! These hashtags can generate more post likes and even followers for your business account.

Boho Bar makes brilliant use of this on their Instagram. By separating the hashtags from the image’s caption, it approves the aesthetic of the post itself.


#4 COS Recruitment

Who Are They?

COS Recruitment specialises in recruiting temporary, contract and permanent staff for the Medical Communications, Marketing & Events, Office Support and Accountancy & Finance sectors.

How Are They Using Social Media Effectively?

i) Promotional

Think back to when you first set your business up on social media; why did you do it?

Social Media is effectively FREE advertising! You build up a community on each social platform; These people are interested in your products/services, or at least what you have to say. This gives you the ability to freely advertise to your followers through promotional posts, as well as interact with them and build up a relationship with potential and existing customers.



COS Recruitment doesn’t just advertise their own services on Facebook, they advertise newly available job positions that are relevant to their audience. Knowing what their audience wants to see will encourage more people to like the page itself.

ii) Third Party

On Social Media, it can’t always be about you. Your audience wants to see something that interests them and that they can relate to. To give them what they want, you should include some Third Party posts. These can be anything from links to other relevant websites to sharing other pages posts that you think your audience will love.

We were really impressed by COS Recruitment’s latest Third Party post! It’s relevant to their target audience, informative and even includes humour. This post suggests to their audience that they have their interests in mind and that they understand them.



#5 Cheshire Gap

Who Are They?

The Cheshire Gap is one of Macclesfield’s own premiere independently owned shops! They place a lot of value in their history, the quality of their food and their great customer service. Serving everything from freshly made pies to smiles, this deli has a wealth of history and an atmosphere to go with it!

How Are They Using Social Media Effectively?

i) Humour

Humour plays a massive role on social media because it’s the one thing that almost everyone can relate to and people will want to engage with posts that make them laugh.

The Cheshire Gap use humorous captions with images of their products in order to show the audience their quirky brand voice. This helps them to generate more likes on their posts and reach a wider audience.


ii) Showcasing work

Although it’s important to give your audience what they want and build relationships with them, it’s also important to show them what you’re doing and what makes your business better than the competition, without necessarily overly advertising your products or services. This can be done through advocacy posts, business updates or showcasing your work.



The Cheshire Gap does an amazing job of showing their audience what they have to offer them and generating a lot of engagement when they do. These images of the products act almost like testimonials – It shows authenticity! 80% of customers say that authenticity is the #1 factor when they are considering following a business on social media, so it’s essential that you put this across.

Wrapping It Up!

Over the years Macclesfield has made the exciting transformation into a renowned business hub, with more and more local businesses embracing the digital culture – But we haven’t finished growing just yet!

To help your business continue to grow and flourish, we’re offering all local businesses a FREE Social Media Review. Get in touch with the Web Presence team today by calling 01625 665044 or email to receive yours!


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