On our podcast, On The Same Landing Page, we divide our discussions into 3 sections:

  • Introducing an Expert
  • Quantifiable Questions 
  • Strategy Analogy

Each section provides our audiences with an insight into the world of marketing through the lens of our guests and presenters.

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Introducing an Expert

In the newly renamed introducing an expert section, you will hear from our guests in detail about their area of expertise and their career pathway in marketing. Here are a few examples of introductions we have given before.

Quantifiable Questions

In the quantifiable questions section, we ask the same questions each episode to our different guests as a way of collecting data about the marketing industry as a whole.

£105,000 in Google Ads Grants for Nonprofit Businesses

Strategy Analogy

In the strategy analogy section, we use a random word generator to produce a word that the team and the guest then have to use to create their own marketing-related analogy. Here are some of the best analogies we have had so far:

As you can see we have interviewed a range of people from the marketing industry so far and we aren’t stopping here. With more episodes lined up we can’t wait to see what our audience thinks of the conversations with our upcoming guests and what helpful insights we can uncover for our audience.

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Let's Connect on Inbound
Let's Connect on Inbound

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