Get Better Audience Insights With These 4 Simple Tips

Conversion Rate Optimisation | Google Analytics | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Website Analytics
The better you know your audience, the faster you can respond and the quicker your business will grow. Here are some tips on collecting customer insights.
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4 Website Optimisation Tips To Turn Traffic Into Sales

Conversion Rate Optimisation | E Commerce
Traffic's an important part of growth but converting online traffic into sales is the key to success. Here's how to do it with conversion rate optimisation.
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Can Foursquare’s Attribution Solve The Footfall Marketing Problem?

Conversion Rate Optimisation | Facebook Promotion | Inbound Marketing | Lead Generation | Local Search | Mobile Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
With high street footfall continuing to decline in some areas Foursquare thinks it's solved the problem with Attribution. Here's what you need to know.
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Recent Facebook And Google Changes Show How Users Hold All The Power

Content Marketing | Conversion Rate Optimisation | Inbound Marketing | Lead Generation | Mobile Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Recent updates from Google and Facebook as well as a new launch from Trinity Mirror show how the user holds more power than ever before.
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It’s Too Late To Stop Adblock – It’s Ingrained In User Culture And Behaviour

Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Native Advertising | Online Advertising
With the IAB refusing to admit Adblock Plus to an event and the Brave adblocking browser on its way, we discuss why ads need to be more creative than ever.
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Have Advertisers Totally Destroyed The Internet?

Lead Generation | Online Advertising | Reputation Management
The IAB has apologised for 'messing up' the internet with ads. With Adblock even releasing its own browser, user experience is more important than ever.
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Capturing Data The Right Way – How To Respect Your Customers’ Privacy

Digital Marketing | Facebook Promotion | Lead Generation | Lead Nurturing | Linkedin | Website Development | Website Promotion
Facebook has angered a lot of its users with privacy concerns over its Messenger app. How can companies show they protect data for the benefit of the user?
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The Importance Of Keeping Users Interested With A Site That Flows

Digital Marketing | Google Analytics | Inbound Marketing | Website Analytics | Website Development
Attention spans are getting shorter, so what are the best ways to use web design to keep your users interested? Webpresence investigates.
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Creating A Panda-Proof Content Strategy To Generate New Leads

Content Marketing | E Commerce | Inbound Marketing | Lead Generation | Panda
Webmasters have noticed a Panda refresh has been released by Google. Here are Webpresence’s tips to generating leads with a Panda-proof content strategy.
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Evolving The Anonymous Web With Google Authorship

Content Marketing | Google | Inbound Marketing | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Matt Cutts has released a video that focuses specifically about rel=”author” tag and how it can benefit the web, evolving it from an 'anonymous' entity.
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