Why advertise your charity online?

Have you ever wished you could preach your charities mission far and wide, but just don’t have the time or resource to get the message out there?

We get it, charities are stretched thin both in terms of time, people and funding, which can be hugely frustrating. But what if we told you, with Google Ads Grants you could go FAR?

Unlocking the GBP equivalent of $120,000 of FREE funding for advertising, we’ve developed the FAR programme, which applies for Google Ads grant funding and includes the setup, building, and managing of your adverts, saving you time, money and more importantly creating more opportunities to expand your goals. So, how do we do it?

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

F – Fundraising

Fundraising underpins every single charity and whether monies raised contributes to facilitating the running of the charity, employing staff, or investing in their cause, it’s an integral facet of the highest importance.

By running ads on Google’s search network, the first arm of our dedicated service aims to increase fundraising. This can be achieved through targeting people looking to donate to charities, using your charity name, or targeting phrases that relate to the mission. For example, we could use the phrases ‘sponsor a charity’, ‘donate to charity’ or ‘legacy charities’ to show our ads to people who are actively looking to donate, driving them to a donations page on the site.

A- Awareness

How can people donate to you, get involved with the activities of the organisation or spread your message if they don’t know about you? The second branch of the FAR programme revolves around awareness and raising it. By targeting broader phrases, relating to the overall umbrella industry, we can drive more traffic to your website and get a wider audience to engage with your materials, which down the road could lead to more donors, more advocates and more of your mission being carried out in the general population. For example, an animal charity could use phrases such as ‘animal rights charities’ or ‘charities that help animals’ to show an advert that states their mission, encouraging people to browse the site.

R- Recruitment

Under our programme, the R is for recruitment and we can facilitate the sourcing of staff, donors, volunteers or any other person-centric activities that you may require. Using the same strategy, phrases like ‘volunteer for charity’, ‘charity jobs’ or ‘charity fundraiser recruitment’ your ads can show to people looking for roles, where we can drive them to fill in applications, contact the charity or attend an event.

Upwards of £80,000 in Google Ad Grants for Charities

For All

The Google Ads grant and PPC advertising management is available to all charities, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small operation or a multi-national one, as long as you’re registered with the charity commission, and are not a government entity, a healthcare provider or hospital, or an academic institution, then you are eligible to receive £8k of free funding a month!

For more information about the service, or to check your eligibility, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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