In 2018, the number of active social media users worldwide reached 3.484 billion. This translates to 45% of the world’s population. Experts estimate that in 2019, more than 280 million more people will join social media.

In the UK, the story is not that different either. At the start of 2017, there were 39 million social media users. This is set to increase to more than 42 million active UK social media users by the end of 2019.

Even with the enormous popularity of social media, a few B2B, and B2C companies are yet to leverage its power. If you haven’t built social media awareness, then you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Not only are you missing out on driving traffic to your website. But building brand awareness and generating new leads.

In this post, we highlight the benefits of having a strong social media awareness for your company.

1. Boosts Your SEO

SEO is critical to the success of any company. Be it a B2B, B2C, or an e-commerce company, it helps you achieve success in a competitive environment.

Two of the most important factors for high search engine visibility are backlinks and content.

Through content promotion, social media can help to improve your visibility in the search engines. Whether its photos, or live streaming, social media users will share if it has value. If you produce content and don’t leverage the power of SEO, your efforts will prove to be futile.

Social media awareness allows you to promote quality content on your business pages. This gives your brand a boost.

Want to gain more exposure on social media? Create awesome content and add authoritative links. Every time social media users click on the link; they are redirected to your business blog or website. As such, you get to drive traffic to your website. 

This can help to improve your search engine rankings, and thus your search visibility.

2. Improves Brand Loyalty

Having a social media presence builds brand loyalty. How? By making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Connecting with your customers means higher retention rates.

What you need to know is that brand loyalty and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. By using your business page to offer support, you develop a bond with your customers.

Social media pages are great for sharing news such as the launch of a new product.   

You can also share news about upcoming events where you will be showcasing your products or services. To ensure your promotional campaigns are successful, use the following approach:

  • Have clear goals for your campaign  
  • Choose the right social media channel  
  • Create a campaign calendar  
  • Develop your visual content  
  • Share your content and track the results  
  • Respond to any queries from your customers   

If your promotional campaigns are successful, more customers will visit your website.

3. Helps You Understand Your Customers

What products are your customers buying and why? What parts of your e-commerce website do your customers visit the most? What is their opinion about your latest products?

To find answers to these question and more, it is important to build social media awareness. It allows you to share and connect with customers. As such, you get to read their opinions about your products and services.

For instance, if you have an Instagram page, connect with your followers by posting status updates. From their feedback, you are able to gain insights into consumer behaviours.

This information can help you create buyer personas. What are buyer personas? They are a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer that helps you to learn their buying behaviour.

If done properly, you can leverage its power and convert leads into paying customers. This translates to an increase in sales and revenue.

4. Boost Pay per Click Advertising

Today, it is difficult for B2C and e-commerce businesses to gain a large following without PPC ads. What are PPC ads? This refers to ads created through an online advertising model called Pay Per Click.   

While there are different types of PPC ads, the most popular is a paid search ad. These ads appears when your prospects search for your products or services using search engines.

Want to know how social media can help with PPC campaigns?

For starters, it helps with your remarketing efforts. Simply put, you can bring back past visitors to your website.

How do you achieve this?

By displaying PPC ads to past website visitors and redirecting them to your money pages. You can also use remarketing information. For instance, if your analytics shows customers are not buying certain products, use PPC to offer discounts and other deals.

Social media and PPC can help to drive sales too. Content is king and is useful when it solves a need or a problem. By sharing awesome content, you can drive more social shares and even result in a viral post.

This will get more of your customers engaged.

5. Gain A Competitive Advantage

Major brands around the world not only have a social media presence but they have many channels. In fact, over 90% of retail brands use two or more social media platforms.

For example, in the home goods category 100% of brands use multiple social media channels. When it comes to the apparel industry, they are more connected with 86% of them on four channels.

Wondering if your brand stands a chance of getting noticed? Well, you will be happy to know that it can.  

How? A vast majority of brands are not leveraging the power of social media properly. By not creating sound social media strategies, brands are not making an impact. Most businesses give up when their strategies don’t yield any results.   

Want to avoid having four or five inactive social media pages? Specialise in one or two. For instance, B2B businesses can leverage the power of LinkedIn. Why? This is where other B2B’s have a huge presence.

Why Social Media Awareness Is More Important Than Ever

Social media awareness is an important tool that influences your brand perception. To improve your brand awareness, interact with your followers, and thought leaders regularly. This will improve your sales, revenue and brand loyalty. 

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