SEO creates long-term value that accrues over time"

SEO is a great investment

Running a successful SEO campaign is like investing money into a savings account, the money you invest will gain value with age.

Likewise, by investing in an SEO agency you create long-term value for your website that will accrue over time, and deliver a postitive return on your digital spend for years to come.

Put simply, SEO should be considered as an investment, rather than an ongoing cost.

SEO delivers an unrivalled amount of traffic, at a fraction of the cost of other marketing campaigns"

SEO is cost-effective

At a fraction of the cost of other forms of digital marketing, achieving top ranking positions on Google and other major search engines delivers higher volumes of highly qualifed traffic, targeting (in real-time) those prospects who have an immediate need for your products and services.

SEO's inbound nature helps businesses save money as opposed to outbound marketing strategies such as cold-calling, advertising and direct mailers. Although using outbound strategies can still be effective, the leads they generate cost 61% more than leads generated by inbound strategies such as SEO.

Attract propsects who are actively looking for the products and services you offer"

SEO delivers the right visitors

It's wonderful to watch your website's traffic increase over time, but unless it generates business those numbers are just for vanity.

With other forms of marketing, the goal is to interrupt people whilst they browse websites, read magazines, check their post or watch videos online.

SEO is non-intrusive, you only show in front of prospects who are actively looking for the products and services you offer.

Are they finding your competitors before finding you?

Highly relevant visitors month after month, year after year"

SEO keeps on delivering

We won't lie. It does take time to build up a website's reputation, establish authority in a given niche and climb up the rankings, but the scale of the return is well worth the effort.

Once you've established yourself as a top authority in the eyes of Google it's much easier to maintain your dominant position at the top of the search results.

A successful long-term SEO campaign will deliver large volumes of highly relevant visitors month after month, year after year; providing a sustained return on your investment.

If you're not improving your rankings, you’re losing ground to your competitors"

Your competitors are doing it!

The online world is competitive, and getting more so. Making an investment in organic SEO is now more important than ever before.

If you’re not moving forward and improving your rankings you’re losing ground to your competitors who are.

Don’t let your competitors out maneuver you, get a SEO strategy in place to bolster your web presence.

Think SEO is for you?

We'd be more than happy to review your website, your competition and your keywords to deliver a bespoke proposal.

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Since 2004

Why Web Presence?

Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire we've been delivering ethical SEO services since 2004, achieving thousands of top ranking keywords for our clients in the process.

Our Cheshire based agency has had time to refine our processes, adapt our strategies, and ensure we consistently deliver great results.

And we're honest. If we feel we can't deliver ROI on your SEO spend we won't take you on as a client. It's nothing personal!

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  • Website Performance Review
  • Our first step will always be to fully review your website's performance in the search engines. We'll get a rock solid idea of what's currently working, what isn't, and what needs improvement.
  • In-Depth Technical SEO Analysis
  • Our comprehensive audit covers all the specific technical factors that can affect search engine rankings. We'll fix any issues that may hinder SEO performance.
  • Structural Analysis
  • We dig a little deeper to ensure that your website is structured in a way that sends the right relevancy messages to the search engines.
  • Backlink Audit
  • We'll review all the links that currently point to your website from external third party websites to ensure that they are relevant, high-quality, have natural anchor text, and meet the criteria of a valuable backlink. We will disavow any links that we deem harmful.
  • Competitor Research & Evaluation
  • We'll perform a complete review of the SEO strategies your key competitors are using, identify what's working for them, and then use this information to outperform them.
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • This key stage is where we identify an effective keyword strategy and set our targets for your website's rankings. We'll find out which keywords your prospects are searching for, and analyse your competitors keyword strategies to identify additional opportunities.
  • On-Site Optimisation
  • We'll ensure that each of your target webpages are optimised for the relevant keywords and perform strategic site-wide internal linking to boost the authority of these target webpages.
  • Content Analysis
  • We'll advise on your website's content, ensuring that your copy is optimised for your target keywords. We can offer guidelines for improvement or can arrange to have your content written for you by our professional SEO copywriters.
  • Quality Link Building
  • Backlinks are a major ranking factor. We will boost the authority and search visibility of your target webpages by using proven techniques to secure 'natural looking' backlinks from relevant external websites.
  • Performance Review & Refinement
  • We constantly monitor your SEO performance and adjust the campaign where necessary to ensure it's achieving its full potential. We'll run regular technical audits, make on-page adjustments, monitor incoming backlinks and provide content recommendations throughout the life of the campaign.
  • Reporting & Reviews
  • We will deliver monthly reports detailing SEO traffic statisitcs, current rankings and the KPI's that matter to you. Our experts are always on hand to discuss your SEO performance and listen to your feedback to strengthen the campaign going forward.

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