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One of the biggest draws of internet marketing for small businesses is that it’s so easy for them to do it themselves.. Or so they think!

It is easy to make a Facebook Page and a Twitter profile, granted, but it’s a bit more complicated than that when smaller businesses want to be serious about their growth and reach the next level.

When money becomes involved, things can nosedive pretty quickly. Especially where Facebook’s concerned; it’s so easy to click a button to promote a post but the cost can accumulate over time for very little return.

Using paid search services like Google Adwords and putting money into boosting a social media presence comes highly recommended and is one of the quickest ways to achieve quick business growth.

Achieving paid perfection

While there are a lot of articles out there and tips about how to make the most from your social and search presence, the majority of small business owners don’t have too much knowledge on best practice in the online marketing industry or simply don’t have the time to be consistent with it.

Those factors in themselves can pose a problem and hinder people throwing their money into paid marketing without a proper strategy for serious growth laid out.

It’s here where pairing with an online marketing specialist can help; not just to aid growth and maximise the budget, but to make the most of the benefits of their industry knowledge and constantly changing trends in the world of online marketing.

The best specialists can also offer automated marketing solutions to clients, refining and optimising the paid search and social campaign to deliver the best results and offer positive long-term results for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Five common paid marketing mistakes people make


Five common paid marketing mistakes people make

So, what are the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to paid search and social, and why are they making them?

1: Too much broad matching and no targeting

You’re running a business to satisfy a need, and at every step you need to remember who wants that need more than anyone else. How old are they, where do they live, what are their interests?

Thanks to AdWords and the incredibly deep targeting options available through the majority of social media channels (Facebook’s being the most impressive) you can really drill down your business message and target the people that matter most.

Many people, though, think they are doing the right thing by pressing the aforementioned ‘Boost This Post’ button on Facebook. It’s not that great. It’s essential to get your targeting settings spot-on in AdWords and refining your audience across all your social networks.

2: Forgetting to retarget and track

The best marketing campaigns stick in people’s minds, that’s always been true of advertising. Doing it online allows you to go one step further though with remarketing.

That means your advert will appear on other places throughout the internet, such as in Google’s Display Network. Have you ever found it odd that you were looking at a product on a website then all of a sudden that product pops up on other websites throughout your internet journey?

Retargeting is essential for growth, but many find it complicated. It can be easy to do though and can be done through AdWords or by just inserting a piece of Facebook code into your website for social remarketing.

3: Having poorly optimised landing pages

Imagine spending all that money building your audience, researching your keywords and putting money into a social marketing and PPC campaign and seeing little results.

Paid promotion isn’t about how much money you put into your campaign. Your marketing efforts need to be consistent across all levels. If you’ve pushed a certain message through your ads, is that same message reflected on your website? Is the promotion easy to find?

Web design plays a crucial part in supporting your paid campaigns. The campaign is part of the user journey; your website needs to be as optimised as possible to make the conversions necessary for growth.


There are plenty more paid search and social mistakes that people make


4: Pushing the wrong content

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression on your target audience with your paid campaign. That means pushing the right content and making your ad as attractive as possible for people to click through to your website.

That means tight, snappy headlines for social media posts and short, succinct messages on your paid search campaigns. Don’t forget to use the right images to complement your content, too, and be sure to incentivise your offer to attract the right attention.

As well as landing pages, creative campaigns can be A/B tested to ascertain how your target market reacts to it.

5: Engagement/data collection

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if, long after you finished one paid search and social campaign, it carried on working for you and getting results?

It can if you plan it correctly, and build a semblance of engagement and data collection into your goals. Fast-growing companies realise the best way to do it is to engage with their audience and keep in touch. Campaigns should never be one-way traffic.

Instead encourage people on your landing page to leave their contact details such as social media handles and email addresses behind and collect data from them. Add them to email lists (providing you get their explicit consent, of course).

Of course, there are plenty more paid search and social mistakes that people make but these are the main ones we often come across, especially when it comes to smaller businesses looking to step up to the next level.

Especially with point five, marketing automation done in the right way can look for triggers on your paid campaigns and perform outreach to prospects in a creative manner to nurture those leads and help them become long-term customers.

Budgets are tight when starting out, but a little can go a long way with clever social and search targeting for serious business growth.


If you’d like to know more about how to do paid social and PPC the right way to grow your business and attract better prospects, contact Webpresence and speak to an online marketing expert today.