Local Event Promotion on Social Media: Do It The Barnaby Way

Facebook | Local Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Here we look at how Macclesfield's Barnaby Festival successfully utilised social media to promote their events, reach a wider audience and generate buzz.
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5 Macclesfield Businesses Who Are Killing It On Social Media!

Facebook | Instagram | Local Marketing | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Running a social media campaign for a small local business isn't easy, but we've got you covered! Check out these 5 businesses in Macclesfield who are absolutely killing it on social media and find out what you can learn from their strategies.
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5 Workarounds To Avoid A Facebook Engagement Bait Penalty

Facebook | Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Facebook hates Engagement Bait tactics, so they're no longer going to be tolerating them. Here, we discuss exactly what they are and how you can avoid the penalty for using them.
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