Creative Content Is The Key To Business Growth


Creative content is everywhere.

You’re reading content right now. In fact, everything you see on the internet can effectively be classified as ‘content’, whether it’s a web page, an image, a blog, a video, an infographic, a social media post or any other visual form of communication.

We don’t think content is an important part of the business growth process. We think it’s THE most important part, and an essential way to attracting customers, nurturing leads and communicating with people that matter to you.

The best part of content marketing is in its ability to capture truly specific audiences.

You need to put a lot of work in to research that audience, though. A large modicum of common sense needs to be involved; if you sell men’s running shoes are you going to be targeting all your content toward women in their 70s?

Content marketing for business growth

Strategy and forward-planning is essential when it comes to creating content. Not just days in advance, but weeks, months and even perhaps years if you have the capacity to.

Your content also has to have a purpose. All too often we see companies posting blocks of content just for the sake of it to try and remain relevant amongst their audience.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does both your business and potential customers a disservice. Like your website, your content needs to have an aim, a purpose and an end goal that it has to work toward to help with your business’ growth.

Content is very flexible, though, and its success can often be a slow burn. The very first thing you need to ask yourself is what you want your content to achieve; is it to inform or entertain? Is it to drive traffic to certain pages? Or is it for cultural purposes to enhance the reputation of your brand?

Once you have an idea of what you want your content to do it’s time to integrate it into the overall strategy of who you are and what you want your business to achieve for serious growth.


Content marketing for business growth

Research, research, research

For us the three R’s stand for research, research, research. It’s something we’ve mentioned before; as well as researching your audience you need to research and become a master of the topic you want to create content about.

It doesn’t pay to regurgitate content you find around the web. Fresh, original content that you put a different angle on not only helps to cement your business as a leading influential voice in your figure, but lends you authority too amongst your readers and viewers.

Not only will that help to attract your target market, but fresh original content is also a winner from a search engine optimisation perspective and in helping your content to be shared across social media, too.

But for your content to be truly effective you need to spend time researching your topics, your audience, the platforms they use online and more.

Planning your content

It can be hard for people to be creative, especially when it comes to planning and producing original content with the explicit aim of business growth. Here are some tips:

  • Look ahead to annual events in your industry. Can you attend them or write about them, and do you have something to say about how they could be changed?
  • Look into industry influencers. Can you interview them or talk to them about specific topics in your industry?
  • Consider common annual events and their impact on the world. Can you relate them to your industry at all?
  • Never underestimate the power of community. Take people’s comments on board and include their thoughts in your content and generate discussion

Keep organised. It may be a creative process but you’re more likely to stick to the plans you set if you build a spreadsheet with ideas, keep notes, bookmark websites you can refer to for citation and more.


Content marketing tips for lead generation


Content marketing tips for lead generation

So how do you convert content into leads and sales? Content can rarely stand alone, and needs to be complemented by your brand’s and site’s overall journey to collect data, direct people around your webpages and convert them to sales or leads.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Gathering data

As we mentioned last week content is a key way to helping your business gather data such as contact information to retain customers and boost sales. Guides and whitepapers that people can download in exchange for leaving data and competition content can help you collect targeted data.

Gathering leads

Detailed content, images and videos created around the products and services your business provides can act as a gateway to more enquiries and interest in what it is your brand has to offer. It’s essential, though, that you streamline your site as much as possible to help gather the right data to convert.

Nurturing leads

There are times when leads won’t convert straight away. They may convert in the future though; you can nurture those leads through creative content to help them convert with targeted email content and social blog targeting to keep your business fresh in their minds and more.

The creative nature of content marketing and production combined with a strong sales strategy and social sharing can help your business grow and take it to a new level; also a new social level that can help your brand get a creative lead on other businesses in your industry if you plan ahead.

Combining that creativity with targeting and a marketing automation lead generation strategy can also give your business a potentially huge growth boost whilst saving you time and money – again, if planned properly and strategised correctly.

They key to remember though is that creative content is for the benefit of your audience. Researching and targeting them correctly with a creative message is worth its weight in gold.

If you’d like to know more about business growth, lead generation and the role content marketing has to play contact the Webpresence team today and speak to a representative.