Googoogle tricksgle’s fed up with being tricked, according to its Head of Webspam Matt Cutts.

We wrote about press releases recently and how valuable a creatively-written and well-targeted message is to get word of the brand out there.

Looks like we were right as Google updated its link schemes section recently to advise against putting a huge number of anchor-text links into the release’s content.

Google cites the following block of text as an example:


“There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress.”

Google classes this as over-optimisation
(who wouldn’t?) and that distribution on “other sites” such as low-quality PR services will likely require those links to have a no follow or a penalty may be considered.

A number of search commentators are speculating that this well and truly is the death of link building. After all, building those types of links was considered industry standard not so long ago for a number of agencies…



We’ve answered the link building question in the past – high-quality content marketing that attracts attention and encourages people to share.

And that means fresh, informative, original and natural content that strikes a chord with your target market.

Which, again, was another area highlighted by Cutts in his most recent video. A question posed to him asked about hidden text on websites (see above), and whether techniques such as putting written content in tabs would be punished by Google.

Cutts’ response was loud and clear. As long as the copy hasn’t been written to manipulate search engines with a huge density of keywords and it’s written with the user in mind then it’s A-OK with them.

Google’s had enough

That doesn’t just relate to press releases and static on-page content. Google has also updated its link schemes document to draw lines under ‘large-scale article marketing’, ‘guest posting campaigns’, ‘advertorials’, ‘native advertising’ and similar practices.

A number of large e-Commerce sites have been hit by Google recently because of their unnatural link footprint in what Google perceives as a lack of quality since the release of  Penguin and Panda.

Some are worrying that their options are now limited with Google’s updates, but in reality agencies and SEOs have never had it so good.

Creative content marketing, social media marketing, intricate AdWord campaigns across all the major search engines, highly-targeted email marketing campaigns and much more besides are all there to give the savvy – and ethical – marketer a better reach than ever before.

Finding the right comms combination

At their core all of the above methods are comms marketing which can be used to help spread your key business message further than ever before.

But using all of them at once can be messy and cause inconsistencies across campaigns unless you have a big enough budget and enough hands on deck to manage your brands voice.


Google’s fed up with being tricked, according to its Head of Webspam Matt Cutts.

Therefore it’s worth investigating and researching your target market and audience to refine which campaigns can provide maximum outreach for your site, improve conversions and increase ROI.

Below are a few example combinations for specific types of business:

Content marketing and social media

Content and social media marketing is one of the most popular online marketing combinations at the moment due to the incredible way it allows brands to express their creativity and share it with a brand new audience through Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

Plus, if creative enough and with a little bit of luck, the chance of an original piece of content going viral can blast your brand into the stratosphere.

This pairing is the best option for those that want to convey a creative brand message to a new audience and spread word of your services for free. Long-term consistency, creativity and near-total communication are key for success.

PPC and web design

We covered the ins and outs of PPC and social advertising models recently, and how the right bids for the right keywords can bring back almost instant returns. But a PPC campaign won’t generate much ROI if the landing pages are inaccessible and turn consumers off.

Make sure that the landing pages you’re looking to optimise with a PPC campaign are as clean and clear as possible, giving visitors in-depth information, prices, attractive images and a simple purchasing experience to maximise its potential.

PPC can be pricey, though, but is perfect for the adventurous website that wants to start making money and getting their name out there as quickly as possible.

Content marketing and email marketing

Generating leads for your products and services with the right customers is essential for business growth and content marketing is a fantastic way to attract user interest while producing creative content around your brand.

Email marketing however when paired with the right content marketing strategy is a phenomenal way to boost traffic to your site on a consistent basis while raising awareness of your brand’s message and products.

The creative business that’s serious about customer service and building a strong relationship with its customers can make great use of a content and email marketing campaign.

It all comes down to knowing your audience and your target market.

Know your customers

Google isn’t just cracking down on link building because it doesn’t like people trying to manipulate its system. It’s also doing it to make sure people using its service get quality results and customers get value.

After all, what value does a wall of text with an anchor link in it give to somebody trying to buy a pair of new shoes or a new dress?

None of this will be a problem from online marketing professionals that have been doing it the right way. It all comes down to knowing your audience and your target market.

Once you know the best mediums to reach them, then utilise them properly to reach out to them and make them loyal long-term customers.


To find out more about ethical link earning and how to gain more visibility for your site contact the Webpresence team today.