Using Twitter To Generate Leads and Grow Your Business


Lately we’ve been talking about social media marketing and how you can use it to target specific people that may become long-term customers.

As we’ve mentioned Facebook and Instagram have deep targeting options that can help generate leads, website visits and even go as far as capturing potential customer data in a transparent, ethical way.

Twitter’s different. Twitter can’t seem to stay out of the headlines at the moment; recently, the social network made news because it changed the character limit on tweets to try and boost engagement while brands of all sizes have publicly fallen on their swords through the social network.

The pros of Twitter

Twitter, though, is still one of the main, essential social networks for business. It also has its own paid advertising options that people can use to generate specific calls to action on the network to target the most relevant users to them.

Twitter has key differences to other social networks, though:

1: Instant communication

Twitter by its very nature is still the best network out there to reach people on an almost instant basis, answer their questions and create an immediate dialogue to address their concerns.

2: Leading live features

Twitter’s instantaneous nature still makes it the best social network for breaking news and real-time updates; perfect for joining in conversations immediately and creating relevant content.

3: Collaboration opportunities

Find the right people relevant to your business on Twitter who have your audience following them and you can open yourself up to new partnerships to help instantly reach those people.

In short, you can equate Twitter to walking up to somebody on the street and beginning a conversation with them; something much easier to do through Twitter than on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks.

It’s also more people-facing than Pay Per Click and, with some budget, can be a more social way to attract people to your business, encourage them to share your brand’s content and generate sales leads.

Twitter’s paid social marketing options

Twitter’s paid social marketing options


Twitter, being a public company, has been fast developing its paid social options to encourage people to use them and part with their money.

By putting some budget to one side for social marketing through Twitter, businesses are able to:

1: Boost engagement

Twitter offers promoted tweets that show up in targeted timelines. It gives advertisers an overview of how they’ll appear, and can be used to reach people and drive conversations. Twitter also offers a traffic-driving service to encourage people to visit your website (it would be a good idea to take a look at your current CRO campaign before investing in this service).

2: Community building and lead generation

Twitter provides a paid service that helps marketers to grow their own community on Twitter, targeting the right users to follow your profile long-term for news and content. Twitter also helps marketers to collect email leads from users, with promoted tweets offering an incentive also providing a call to action to encourage people to submit their email addresses.

3: Video views and app installs

Getting a bit more technical and promoting your company through original video content or a downloadable app? Twitter can help boost video views (in beta at time of writing) through the social network’s own video player. Advertisers can use this option to try and get their video viral; Twitter can also promote apps and encourage targeted users to download or open your app.

Twitter also offers advice on setting up campaigns and using their advertiser cards service. For the novice or business looking to grow, though, it’s a popular route to partner with a social marketing agency who has experience executing campaigns and generating leads on a set budget.

Putting your time into Twitter marketing

Putting your time into Twitter marketing


That not only helps to keep brands focused on their goals and achievements, but to also save them time and consolidate their overall social media budget. You’re running a business; do you really have time to be constantly active on Twitter?

Social media marketing requires a lot of attention. It’s not a case of leaving it for a few hours and checking it at the end of the day. The best campaigns and examples using Twitter for small business growth come from businesses that have somebody constantly researching industry trends on Twitter, replying to customer concerns, and engaging and cultivating an audience.

Especially if you’re looking to spend money generating leads; a half-hearted approach to Twitter and other social media channels will, naturally, bring back half-hearted results.

The real-time nature of Twitter can also be one of its biggest obstacles to overcome. If you use it regularly you’ll know how easy it can be to become influenced by a wave of instant opinion and let your mask slip.

Staying professional on Twitter

As we mentioned before, so many brands have fallen on their sword by getting heated and personal on Twitter. When we talk about staying professional on Twitter we don’t mean throwing products out there and using aloof language.

Being professional on Twitter means being reasonable at all times, taking the time to listen to individuals’ opinions – no matter how wild they may seem and – most importantly – not letting personal feelings undo your hard work and your brand message.

An oldie but a goodie that we always like to point to is Interflora’s Twitter manager who, after intense media scrutiny during the company’s Valentine’s Day blunder a couple of years back, managed to stay calm and composed and deal with a mountain of complaints in the right way.

That kind of service – especially when delivered immediately through a social platform like Twitter – stays in the mind. A lot of small businesses and SMEs looking to take the next step, though, are able to dedicate the budget to Twitter but not the time, energy and lead generation knowledge to grow.

Working with an agency can not only help solve those problems, but can also help save money and keep that professional front. Instead of throwing money at Twitter and hoping for a best, the right agency will work with you to outline set goals over a specific period of time, and put a set budget toward growing your business through social media marketing.

If you’d like to learn more about using Twitter to market your business or promote your products and services, contact the Webpresence team and speak to our experienced social marketing team.