So how do you fancy a Masters Degree in social media? Apparently as from next year Birmingham City University will be offering a one year taught Masters Degree course in social media, including the use of online networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter, primarily from the point of view of business.

At first glance this might sound like a good idea, since social media is not only a critical tool within any business’s approach to marketing these days, but also one which is fraught with misunderstandings, complexities, choices, options and myths. But there could be a problem with this.

One year is an immensely long period of time within the world of social media. Just a quick glance at the news stories circulating a year ago referring to social media reveals a great many announcements which already seem old hat, or which have changed yet again, moved on and developed in newer ways. When you think that Twitter is only four years old, and Facebook only two years older than that, social media is still very young, very new, and very much in a state of flux.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are still experimenting, trying things out, adding on new services and adapting the way existing services and features function. If you follow a one year course then it goes without saying that what you learned on day one will almost certainly be woefully outdated before you’re even halfway through the course.

In my opinion although the course would offer useful insights into the fundamentals of social media I’m not convinced it will prepare graduates for ongoing practical implementation in the real world, unless of course the idea is to teach the Masters Degree in social media as part of the history department’s syllabus.

What do you think? Can a one-year social media course offer ongoing benefits? Please leave a comment below and let us know.