5 Explosive Mobile Growth Strategies For Your SMB


You may have noticed your time as a business owner being divided between your desktop computer and your smartphone or tablet.

Sometimes things are easier to do on a mobile device; reading certain websites, for instance, is undoubtedly more comfortable sprawled on a couch with a tablet in your hands rather than being hunched up in front of a screen.

If you have noticed a trend then you’re not alone. Web analytics firm StatCounter has recently revealed that in October, for the first time ever, more web pages were viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers and laptops.

Growing on the move

At the same time desktop computer sales also appear to be in decline. You shouldn’t be alarmed though from a business perspective; the desktop computer will likely never die out. Have you ever tried building a fully-functioning eCommerce website on a tablet?

If you’re serious about growing your business and want to capture new online audiences then it’s impossible to ignore the fact that more and more eyes are fixated on mobile devices.

That doesn’t mean throwing all your efforts into mobile; rather, for serious growth, you need to complement your existing online marketing strategy with a mobile one to cover all bases and get in front of people, no matter what device they may be using.

For people who already have an existing website and online strategy, it’s not the end of the world. A few tweaks may be all that are needed to make your business mobile-ready and visible to people whose smartphone is their best friend.

For businesses looking to grow that don’t have an online presence; again, there’s no need to panic. You can create a potentially far-reaching, successful online growth strategy with mobile involved if you follow some simple core principles;


You can create a potentially far-reaching, successful online growth strategy with mobile involved if you follow some simple core principles.

1: Website optimisation

We’re at a stage where websites need to be responsive no matter what so that they can be viewed on any device. Though responsiveness is part of a lot of modern builds, there are some websites that still need to make the transition.

As well, though a site may be responsive and nice to look at, that doesn’t mean it has an optimised user journey and easy ways for shoppers to fill in their details, complete a purchase and come back in the future.

At the start of the year it was estimated an incredible 97% of mobile shopping carts were abandoned. Get the formula right and there’s serious sales potential in mobile.

2: Targeting social movement

Nearly 80% of all social media usage now happens on mobile devices, according to reports. Social media also accounts for roughly 19% of all digital media time. Social media presents an enormous opportunity to get your brand and your content in front of a mobile, social-savvy audience that may interact with you.

Different groups have different social habits, though, and there are mobile-only apps that have huge followings among millennial audiences such as Instagram and Snapchat, where you can grow your audience and build a really strong social following.

3: Paid advertising and retargeting

A social strategy is essential to any mobile marketing campaign. Serious, more-immediate business growth though is more likely to happen if you put some budget into paid campaigns such as social media advertising and paid search opportunities.

Paid ads can get you in front of an incredibly targeted audience on specific social media channels (Facebook and Instagram’s offerings are fantastic) or to display highly for certain keywords on the world’s most popular search engines.

Mobile viewership and activity is markedly different from desktop behaviour, though; building the right creative message and targeting the right people is essential for growth success, as is retargeting across those networks.

4: Think local

Businesses with a physical location or who operate through a pop-up shop may be able to grow quicker by targeting a hyperlocal audience through mobile marketing.

Again, paid social options on platforms such as Facebook and Foursquare now offer ways for businesses to target people to improve footfall, get people off the couch and encourage them to visit their shop.

Both paid search and long-term local search marketing can help improve your chances of being seen by a local, hungry base of consumers. Build that loyal following; concentrate on producing written and visual content that focuses on your area, its heritage and that can be shared amongst potential new customers and their friends.


paid social options on platforms such as Facebook now offer ways for businesses to target people to improve footfall

5: Apps and data collection

When we talk about mobile marketing a lot of people instantly think of apps. That’s not the route to go down for SME growth, in our opinion. Apps may look nice but the cost of a lot of them make it a vanity project that can deliver little in the way of results and sales. That money, we feel, is better spent on optimising web pages and targeting the right people via social and paid search – especially when it comes to ethical data collection.

Collecting user data in the right way is essential to outreach and long-term growth; instead of having an app that doesn’t do much, why not encourage people to visit your site and interact with your brand, leaving their data behind so you can contact them again to turn them into repeat customers?

Social mobility

Only recently Ibis Hotels has announced that they’re intently focusing on a Snapchat presence to try and attract a younger clientele to what they offer. On paper it may not sound like the most natural association, but massive credit must go to them for identifying where younger users are and targeting them with a paid strategy that speaks to them creatively.

Which also goes to show that, if you’re an SME that hasn’t even begun to focus on mobile, it’s not too late to create a targeted and creative online mobile marketing strategy that attracts new audiences and boosts your growth.

If you’d like to know more about mobile optimisation and how to target specific audiences on the go to grow your business online, speak to a Webpresence specialist today.