Seeing a lead converted into a sale is always exciting.

Content marketing, social media, a visible search presence… All are fantastic advertising opportunities for your brand, but don’t lose sight of the reason of why you’re investing in SEO.

To generate the right leads to grow your business.

The inbound marketing train continues to gather steam with every video Google’s Matt Cutts releases recommending traditional SEO methods be scaled back.

While SEO is a long, long way from dying out a lot of marketers are dressing up old methods and trumpeting them as new tactics.

Outbound marketing can be easy for potential customers to ignore thanks to more intelligent spam filter technology.Last week I mentioned how relevant this was in the email marketing sphere. But now I want to expand on that a little further and talk more about inbound marketing in general.

Better than outbound?

My email marketing post last week focused on how effective personalised emails can be to produce better results and keep clients coming back for more.

But personalisation is becoming such an important asset in lead generation that a lot of marketers are wondering if outbound marketing is worth the investment.

Outbound, after all, can be easy for potential customers to ignore thanks to more intelligent spam filter technology. A lot of people I know are using Skype in the majority of their daily business dealings to prevent being pestered by cold calls.

It’s difficult to track return on investment with outbound, and it’s typically a high-cost venture that yields low results.

And while an inbound campaign can be a little pricey it’s justifiably so, especially if you get the right person to strategise it for you to focus on your brand’s core message and strengths.

Which inbound marketing techniques have you found most successful when generating and nurturing new leads? Let me know in the comments section below.

The power of positivity

What still surprises me is that some marketers will focus on a facet of online advertising and be coy on how it links in to the wider marketing campaign.

SEO is all-encompassing. Every tactic and technique you employ is leading to the same goals: visits to your site, increased visibility, and engaged customers leading to improved revenues.

Studies suggesting personalised emails are effective are great, but I would expect to see similar trends on a personalised social media or content marketing campaign.

Why? Because brands that are personable and take the time to show they care about their customers will always do better than the business that funnels people and sees them as a cash cow.

But sometimes people can have the best of intentions and struggle to get their message across to potential clients and, ultimately, fresh leads.

Nurturing – Looking beyond leads


Nurturing – Looking beyond leads


Email marketing, creative content, social media, video, and others.

There are more channels than ever before for marketers to enjoy to create leads and see them through to conversion.

But before conversion comes conversation. Part of the problem, I find, is that a lot of site owners fall into an online trap and fail to see leads as human.

Thinking of leads as real people sounds incredibly obvious but you’d be surprised at how easy it is for people to get lost in the busy world of online marketing and just see people as figures and data.

The best antidote to this way of thinking is simple: Engagement, engagement, and more engagement!

How do you nurture your customers, and how personal do you get with them for the long-term success of the brand? Let me know your success stories below!

Tips on nurturing your leads

The theory behind lead nurturing is to be a guiding light to customers and hold their hands to assist them as they journey through your site until a purchase is made.

Ideally your strategy will feature all of the below techniques and more working in tandem with each other. But, (so as not to give all my secrets away!), here are some simple nurturing tips to help get you started:

#1 Nurturing with content

Content marketing gives you unlimited creative direction to engage with your target audience and shape their perspective of your brand.

Concentrating on informative, helpful content that educates visitors about their purchasing options gives people scope, whether it’s snappy introductory posts about how your business works behind the scenes or long-form research reports about the trends and state of your chosen industry.

Tips on nurturing your leads#2 Nurturing with social

Social media gives you a chance to talk to people instantly, directly, and help them at every and any time of the day, week, month, and year.

Be positive. Join in conversations with people. Share original content. Most importantly, though, help people when they get in touch. Give them an unbeatable level of customer service above and beyond the call of duty, and let them know you’re always there for them in the future.

#3 Nurturing with video

Creating a video campaign can be a lengthy process but getting the mood of your audience right on screen can lead to huge boosts in authority and traffic.

Creatively you can reach out to people in the video by pointing out helpful areas of your website and contact details. YouTube annotations can also help, allowing you to put helpful clickable links and calls to action over videos at certain times to give viewers more information.

#4 Nurturing with email

I covered a lot of personalisation tips in last week’s blog to help give your email campaigns an edge. Those tips are also useful for nurturing leads and being personable.

Check you aren’t emailing people too frequently and bombarding their inboxes with nothing but product information. Include creative content in your emails to generate interest, and feature links to your social profiles and areas of your site to generate conversation and talk to your audience.

Seeing leads converted to sales is indeed exciting. But nothing’s more satisfying than nurturing people’s brand experiences and seeing them return for more in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about lead nurturing and how the right campaign can expand your business online contact the Webpresence team today.