Time Is Money: Save More Of Both With Marketing Automation


Running your own business? How do you have time to read this!

From personal experience and the clients we’ve worked with over the years, there’s fewer harder challenges than being a small business owner. Especially those in competitive industries; it takes an incredible amount of passion and sacrifice to pour so much energy and effort into being an entrepreneur.

There’s also few things more rewarding in life than getting the formula right and watching your business grow. Being your own boss, building strong relationships with staff and customers and taking on the big fish in your chosen pond is the biggest thrill there is.

That last point is where so many small business owners fall down, though. Success and further growth really can be the hardest part, and often it’s a question of the time you have and how wisely you choose to spend it.

The time of your life?

So many small business owners are incredibly hands-on; how can they be in all places at once and make sure every area of the business is running efficiently?

Consider another argument, too. If a small business owner is spreading themselves across so many areas of the business thinly, can they really dedicate themselves fully on key aspects of growing their business such as managing relationships with the right people?

There’s another factor, too; some small business owners are so burned out that they need some extra time to themselves to re-energise before taking on the next obstacle in their way.

Marketing automation as part of a strong, inbound marketing campaign can solve all of those problems and more for small business owners.

Marketing automation is software that takes the pain out of the most time-consuming business processes. Need to work on your admin but have to tend to several social media accounts first? Marketing automation’s got it covered.

Need to bridge gaps between departments and are struggling to get sales and marketing teams singing from the same sheet? Marketing automaton can do just that. What about managing an email marketing campaign and reaching out to people? Automation can do it whilst also making customers feel highly valued.

Time to make a serious impact


Marketing automation is software that takes the pain out of the most time-consuming business processes.


Marketing automation isn’t something that anybody can dip in and out of, though. Working with an experienced agency will help implement across your business to streamline its internal and external processes.

Not only can marketing automation save you time, but it can also go a long way to increasing traffic to your website, converting leads and keeping customers coming back for more.

Most business owners, though, as soon as they implement marketing automation as part of an inbound marketing campaign are most happy that it gives them time to breathe, take a step back from certain aspects of the business and reflect.

Here are five ways that marketing automation can save you time and money:

1: Collect and properly segment consumer data

So you’ve got traffic coming to your website and people interacting with you on social media. To truly build trust, each and every customer has to be dealt with equally and made to feel like the most important person on the planet.

Of course, that takes an incredible amount of time. Marketing automation can be set up to identify certain user traits and quirks, segmenting them into the most appropriate stage of the buying cycle whilst building relationships with them that don’t come across as spam marketing.

2: Manage social media questions

Social media marketing can be one of the most time-consuming yet important ways to attract and convert leads online. Especially for those who want to communicate over multiple accounts; how can you build an effective personality online as well as run your business?

Marketing automation can help by scheduling posts and even going as far to answer common questions that people may have. Instead of answering every question a social user may have, wouldn’t software that recognises the request and points them in the right direction every time be more useful time-wise?

3: Improve relationships between departments


Marketing automation can help by scheduling posts


We’ve already mentioned the sales and marketing departments, so let’s carry on using them as an example. Sales teams have to close leads while marketing teams have to find them. While both are wildly different departments, they have a common goal for the good of the company and need to work together.

Marketing automation can introduce common systems that work for the benefit of both departments, such as helping them to discover leads that really matter and not waste time on people who aren’t interested. It can also help to streamline admin processes and let your talented team focus on what they do best.

4: Personalise inbound marketing campaigns

Some think that marketing automation means they’ll have to sacrifice personalisation and the creative side of their campaigns. Not at all; if anything, inbound marketing is one of the most creative forms of marketing there is, and marketing automation can help you spread strong, creative messages to the right people.

Again, personalisation can help segment audiences and data to an extent where small business owners will be able to create personalised campaigns for individual users and reach out to them at the appropriate stage of the buying cycle, helping to nurture leads who are thinking of making a purchase and encouraging repeat visits from existing customers.

5: Let you reach the next stage of growth

Studying and making sense of multiple analytics is one of the most dull and confusing parts of growing a business. Marketing automation can make it much easier, keeping track of marketing campaigns across multiple channels and produce detailed graphs and data that is easy to digest (if they choose the right software and agency).

That allows small business owners to more easily identify what parts of the business need to be focused on and where time could be better spent to help the company reach the next level. Marketing automation can do all of this and much more for less money than you think, too.

Marketing automation can save you time by handling the most time-consuming tasks for you. Speak to Webpresence to find out more.