I have been looking at statistics recently regarding social media and business, particularly the way in which businesses have been making use of Twitter. Unfortunately much of what I have found has been gravely disappointing, and I think that there is a long way in which businesses can go in order to maximise the impact of their use of social media.

The infographic below highlights some of the main statistics which I have come across, and I’m sure you’ll agree they paint a picture which clearly demonstrates that there is an enormous gap between customers and businesses on Twitter, and it is important for businesses to look much more seriously at not only how they are using Twitter, or rather aren’t using Twitter effectively, but also at how their customers are using Twitter, particularly when engaging with other businesses.

In another blog post I have looked in more detail at the discrepancy between how businesses are currently using Twitter, and what customers are looking for from businesses on Twitter, and in an upcoming blog post I will try to address in a practical way one of the key challenges which businesses need to address if they are to make social media work for them, rather than against them.

Social Media For Business In 2012 (Infographic)


Please feel free to share this infographic, through Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog, and make sure you come back very shortly for further information and advice on how to make Twitter a more profitable social media platform for business in 2012.