Marketing Automation Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank. Here’s Why You Need It


If you’re not careful with marketing automation then you can lose a lot of business.

We love marketing automation here at Web Presence and think it’s an essential tool for brands looking to grow their reach and attract more customers. The key word though is ‘automation’; take it for granted and your business will end up being terminal instead of a Terminator.

We’ve written about the benefits of marketing automation before and how it can streamline the inner workings of a business whilst freeing up more of your time to work on the parts that matter.

One accusation we hear constantly levelled at automation, though, is that it’s too expensive. There are reasons why it can be pricey, but small businesses can save money by choosing an inbound marketing service that uses marketing automation as part of a wider picture.

Why are some marketing automation tools so expensive?

Choosing an all-round inbound marketing service doesn’t just give you access to a top marketing automation service, but access to a team that knows how to implement it properly for your business to get you the best results possible for growth.

Marketing automation can be difficult to set up, and its cost can sometimes put people off. So why can it be so expensive?

It can be pricey because it can be such a game changer. Marketing automation is set to seriously influence a lot of business movement in 2017, with some of the top tools and suppliers taking advantage of that trend.

Smaller businesses shouldn’t be disheartened, though. There are more and more opportunities for small brands cropping up all the time; some are even highlighting that greater access is key to powering the new economy.

To make marketing automation truly successful to grow your business, though, you need to consider integrating it with your existing marketing strategy and long-term efforts, refining and perfecting it as you and your market change to get the best results possible.


Why are some marketing automation tools so expensive?

Dos and don’ts of successful marketing automation

Even if you’re a total novice where marketing is concerned and haven’t got a specific strategy yet, there’s no need to panic. Marketing automation is flexible enough to start and grow with your business entirely from scratch.

DO – Look to collect and use data ethically

One of the most arduous and time-consuming tasks when it comes to small business growth revolves around the collection and organisation of customer data so you can build lists of people to reach out to in the future.

Though we’re leaving the European Union, there’s no excuse not to have a transparent data collection policy on your website, clearly explaining how you’re collecting data, which data is being stored, why, how it’s stored, your third-party sharing policy and more.

Marketing automation can help businesses collect valuable lead information and segregate prospects into the right categories. Marketing automation can also help to reach out to those prospects all at once, with different targeted messages, at the same time.

DON’T – Overmarket yourself to your audience

People new to marketing automation, when they begin to understand how it works, get so enamoured by the potential of how it can help them that they can get a little bit carried away.

The urge is usually there to cover every base and create a marketing campaign to attract anybody and everybody. Though the potential is there – and it’s a technique that a lot of large global businesses use – it’s a tactic you should avoid when you’re small and looking to grow.

Targeting everyone at once can actually be detrimental to growth. Instead, look to research the audiences most suitable for you and who will be most receptive for you, and look to cultivate those leads that will help you expand in the long-term.

DO – Build a campaign focused on creativity

This ties in with the above point, and our earlier mention of things getting too robotic. Marketing automation is a wonder for saving time, but that doesn’t excuse you from putting little creative effort into your campaigns.

Get a strong idea of who you want to market to and why and create personas of them to give yourself a better visual aide of the people who are going to help grow your business. The research doesn’t stop there; talk to those people on social media, on the street and other places to find out their likes and interests.

The more research you do the more targeted and creative your campaigns will be as you look to pique their interest. The best creative campaigns, too, are shareable which will complement your automation activity.


Marketing automation combined with inbound marketing can be tricky at the best of times

DON’T – Leave anything to chance

Marketing automation isn’t a magic wand. Your campaign may be the absolute best; it collects the right data from the right audience and targets them with creative messages across a number of platforms at alternating times.

However, the very nature of the internet and the way trends flare up and fade almost as fast means that you always have to keep your eye on your market and adjust where necessary to stay relevant. Think of it as growing with your audience – the better the connection you have the better your brand will come across.

It’s essential to have a human element to all marketing campaigns, and to not leave your automation running in the background unchecked. It saves a lot of time, yes, but interaction is key to any successful inbound marketing strategy.

DO – Trust the experts

Marketing automation combined with inbound marketing can be tricky at the best of times, especially when you have a small business to focus on running, too.

A specialised inbound marketing agency that knows how marketing automation can work for you will not only save you money but help you to grow your business and streamline it to reach out to new audiences and attract your core market.

If you’d like to find out more about how marketing automation can grow your business and streamline your business to free up more of your time, contact a Webpresence specialist today!